Thursday, June 01, 2006

Daniel's other horseman

"Rampin Horseman" Daniel G, Agfa Clack / 0.35mm pinhole

This A M A Z I N G image came from Daniel G over in France - it's another shot from the Agfa Clack 6x9 he converted using one of my 0.35 mm pinholes. Do you really think a laser pinhole could do better? W O W ! Daniel, you need to join f295 and start posting your images there!

Daniel is now a repeat customer - soon he will convert a 35mm camera with one of my 0.25mm pinholes. I'll keep you posted.

Daniel writes:

Hello Dennis,

Rampin Horseman
Head of a horseman, known as the "Rampin Horseman".
It is a shot from a copy (Le Louvre), with the Agfa-Clack and your
0.35mm pinhole with a light-spot of 200w, exposure 45s, film
agfa-orto25. The pinhole is very very good :-)

Merci mille fois, Daniel! Ce photo est manifique!

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