Monday, July 10, 2006

Aerial pinhole photography - another take on the Flying Pinhole!

Daniel G's work continues to amaze and surprise me. Daniel has long been into aerial photography using RC model planes (with small digital cameras controlled from the ground with servos). More recently, Daniel has taken up pinhole photography (some of his previous projects have been posted here previously). All along I've secretly been hoping that Daniel would combine his two hobbies and make an aerial pinhole camera. Well, Daniel took me up on my offer of a free pinhole and used it to make exactly that. The results are astonishing!

Daniel writes:

Here is my first aerial photo pinhole, with the 0,2mm pinhole (the free order).
It is a tram station in the campus of Bordeaux.
The film is HP5 and it was developped for iso1600.

Here is the rc model-plane : wingspan 1m, weight 250g. It is made from polystyrene.

The hand made pinhole camera on the plane

A close up of the shutter with the camera mounted in the plane

A view inside the camera with the film

You can follow Daniel's projects on his own blog here. Thanks Daniel! Amazing stuff! Keep it up!

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