Thursday, July 20, 2006

A photo from Iowa

I recieved an email and photo from another (repeat) customer, Harry W in Iowa. Harry writes:

I bought two pinholes from you. the first a 75mm focal length gave this photo with the pinhole mounted in an Agfa Speedex in the lens mounting ring....I removed the lens elements and cut the pinhole to fit. I have been displaying images from it at the camera shop where I work. The customers like the quality in an 11x14 print size. I am working on building a panoramic film back 6x12 to fit the 50mm pinhole I got last. Thanks for a really smooth pinhole - it's as sharp as the original agfa apo lens.

Thanks for the great photo and the note, Harry. I'll look forward to seeing how your 6x12 cam works out!

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