Monday, April 24, 2006

1st Test Roll from the "Alumi-pin"

I decided the camera needed a name, so unless someone out there has a better idea, the "Alumi-pin" it will be.

I got the first roll back, and so far, so good. My spacing between frames (using the "wind and pray" technique) was very erratic. I think I gave the scanner a serious headache. I have now added a working frame - clicker counter to the design to address this issue. You can also see a pink haze in some images on the right - my finger on the shutter. I have now fitted a cable release to the shutter, which should solve that glitch too. The only other issue was scratches on the emulsion, likely from rough edges on the film guide. I have now covered the guide with silky tape to prevent this, although the scratches are kind of interesting in their own right. It's not a Leica, after all. The pinhole (280 microns, or 0.28 mm) performed very well. The focal length turned out to be closer to 30mm.


Still life of lunch, with the TWU pond in the background. The can is about 20 cm from the camera.

A blowup of the above picture to show the pinhole performance. 280 microns is a bit large for 30mm, but it is working well. I make my own pinholes - for details you can check out my current ebay auctions here.

A shot of an overhead wrought-iron gazebo. I liked the high constrast.

An intentional multiple exposure of the gazebo above. I decided to underexpose each time to have the intersections of the bars stand out more emphatically. The ghostly image on the right is an unintentional self-portrait - I underestimated the angle of view while taking the second exposure.

Your suggestions, comments and critiques are welcome!