Saturday, April 15, 2006

Test Roll - Getting Ready for World Pinhole Day!

I've decided to get back into photography as an "art" form, in addition to the "documentary" photography I have recently been restricted to. Alas, the move has stripped me of my darkroom access, so I have decided to get back into pinhole photography. I'm keeping it simple - using a 35 mm SLR converted to pinhole use. This allows me to have film processed almost anywhere and scanned. I would like to get back into the darkroom someday, but with small kids it's not really an option.

This blog will be for the "art" side of things, whereas the "documentary" side will continue unabated over at the usual spot.

The jump back into pinhole photography was spurred in part by the upcoming World Pinhole Day, in which I hope to participate this year. These shots were taken near/around the TWU campus. The first shot was with a 400 micron pinhole at 45mm (and thus ~ f115); the others were taken with a 250 micron pinhole at the same focal length (and thus at about f125). All three exposures were for 4 seconds on Fuji color print film (ASA 200) using a Konica Autoreflex SLR. The exact means by which I have converted this SLR to pinhole shooting will be the subject of a future posting.


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