Friday, May 26, 2006

A flurry of projects & pics

Wow, it's been a creative few days! Here's what's up:

The homemade 6x6 folder is working GREAT,
I've redone the pano-pin cam, and it's now working great too,
I've set up shop at home for developing my own B&W negs, and
The 6x9 cm Foldex 20 arrived and is now converted over to pinhole (90mm FL, 0.40mm pinhole, =f225). Test roll is in process.

Whew! Here are some pictures from the cams:

Trees in the wind - 6x6 at 50mm

UBC Main Library reconstruction - 6x6 at 50mm

Derelict bicycles, TWU campus - Pano-pin

There are further technical details available on my posts on f295. Enjoy!

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