Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Pinhole photos from France!

Well, my handmade custom pinholes can now be called "world famous." :o) These are the first two images captured by Daniel Gourribon, who is newly exploring pinhole photography in France. He seems to be using some sort of technical camera - I've asked for further details. Thanks for sending these, Daniel!

"My first photo pinhole.
film 400iso, exposure 3s,f:70 f=25mm, hazy sun .
On foreground the rail of the bellows and lensboard of the camera."

"My second photo pinhole.
film 25iso, exposure 1Min10s,f:228 f=75mm, hazy sun"

Daniel sent more info and pics of his (VERY NICE!) camera (a Horseman 980 technical camera, 120 roll film):

"Front view photo: you can see the shutter (black tape)."

"Close up: your pinhole and the shutter."

Thanks Daniel! You can check out his very cool site here: he takes digital pictures with a RC model airplane!

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