Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pano-pin test roll #1

Here's the lastest pinhole project - an ultra-wide aluminum matchbox camera for 35mm film. It's definitely a cousin to the Alumi-pin (see below) but I've improved things somewhat.

First off, I decided to alter the construction to a top loading style to allow me to slim the focal length to 24mm, or about the diameter of a roll of 35mm film. This has the advantage of keeping the film and takeup spool snug without wedging in foam.

For this camera I wanted to see just how wide I could go - so it's a 74mm frame size. At a 24mm focal length this works out to a view of ~170 degrees. The crappy scanner at the 1-hour photo can't handle this size, so I "divided" the frame into two 24x36mm frames with a 2mm stripe of tape.

The first test roll was a success, but the shutter was causing some problems at short exposure times (you can see it in the pictures, especially on the left hand side). It was only an issue for exposures less than 1 sec, but I have now reworked the shutter with slicker material to speed things up.

Stay tuned for roll#2!

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