Thursday, May 04, 2006

World Pinhole Photography Day Photos

"On the beach" - ~1/2 sec exposure on Fuji 200 ASA print film, 0.210 mm pinhole at 30mm (= f145), 24mm square film mask.

April 30th, 2006 was World Pinhole Photography Day, and we were over in Nanaimo visiting my parents. Around noon we were down at the beach (Departure Bay) and I took some photos using my homemade 35mm rollfilm pinhole camera. The photo above is my son and my mom sharing a grandson-grandma moment on the beach. This photo is also part of the f295 community's simultaneous pinhole project. You can see this photo on the WPPD site here (my submission # is 1004, or limit your search to "f295" under the "groups" menu.

These are three exposures taken in sequence to give a panoramic view of the bay. If you look closely at the right hand frame you can see the 12:30 ferry pulling in to the dock with Newcastle Island in the background. Obviously there is a small light leak in the camera that needs to be fixed (the red cast on the first two images).

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